Subsidy Rolls for Angmering of 1296, 1327, 1332 & 1524/5

The following are the names of Angmering villagers from the Subsidy Rolls of 1296, 1327, 1332, and 1524/5. The Rolls are effectively a list of taxpayers in the village, the original Rolls stating the amount payable. The amount of tax assessed for each individual between 1296 and 1332 is shown in £ s d and will give an approximation of their wealth or standing in the community. Monetary values for individual are not given for the 1524/5 Subsidies. This information has been transcribed by NA Rogers-Davis from the journals of the Sussex Record Society.

The lists below cover several villages that became Angmering as we know it in the 16th Century. These villages/hamlets include East Angmering (Estangmere) and West Angmering , Barpham (Bargham), Ecclesden and Ham. The first list includes Tortington (Totyton), Poling (Palyng) and Slinfold (Slyndefaud) which were never part of Angmering but it is not possible to separate the names from the Angmering areas.

Such are the inconsistencies in spelling that it may appear that we have made errors in transcription, but these are the names as they actually appear in the records.

1296 - Villat' de Totyton (Tortington) & Bargham
Daniele de Totynton 3/0d   Nicho Shus 2/0d
Willmo North 3/0d   Petr' Hysmongere 1/0d
Ad' North 3/6d   Willmo de Monte forti £1/2/0d
Thos atten Oke 3/0d   Willmo atte Cumb 3/0d
Gilbro de Totyton 5/7d   Robro Doseth 2/6d
Willmo aten Oke 1/6d   Rado Bruse 2/4d
Willmo Kyng 5/0d   Willmo Ruk 2/0d
Johanne le Ferur 3/0½d   Ricro Godegrom 1/6d
Robro le Bule 1/6d   Willmo Heremond 1/0d
Robro Rotar' 1/0d   Henr' Claghun 2/0d
Ad' Bate 1/0d   Dionis' de Hammes 1/0d
Ad' Bal 1/0d   Ascelina de Wodeland 1/6d
Johanne North 1/0d   Laur' Heremond 1/6d
Robro Kentisse 2/3d   Thom' le Blake 1/0d
Robro Jurard 1/6d   Ad' Ywnge 2/1d
Johanna de Totynton 1/0d   Willmo Wodelond 1/11d
Johanne Gerueys 2/1d      

1296 - Villat' de Eclesdon
Willmo Panyen 14/0d   Jonanne Hismongere 1/6d
Willmo de Barghamwyke 10/0d   Willmo in the Hale 5/0d
Robro de Loppedell 7/0d   Normano in the Hale 1/6d
Willmo de Selkedon 9/6d   Willmo atte Putte 3/0d
Willmo a Nystethun 4/1d   Johanne atte Wyte 3/0d
Ricro Coberd 2/0d   Johanne Prestre 1/6d
Johanne atte Gore 4/0d   Waltero atte Putte 4/5d
Ad' Coco 3/0d   Ad' Warin 3/0d
Johanne a Shuthetun 1/11d   Ad' Bothel 3/0d
Ad' a Suthertun 5/0d   Ad' le Duk 1/0d
Gilbro le Brouwer 3/0d   Ricro de Selkedon 6/0d
Johanne Hismongere 2/0d   Tho' atte Wyke 5/0d
Johanne atte Hyde 3/2d   Nicol Long 2/0d
Rogo Kotel 1/8d   Gyoth atte Wyke 7/0d
Stepho le Tyghelere 1/6d   Gilibro Waryn 1/6d
Thom' Moyl 2/3d   Willmo Bothel 3/0d
Thom' Kotel 3/3d   Simon' Buteler 2/0d
Nicol atte Hyde 2/0d   Math' atte Felde 16/0d
Robro fabro 1/1d   Robro le Bedal 2/0d
Robro Wylchur 1/6d   Willmo Tylye 2/0d

1296 - Villat' de Palyng, Estangmere & Slyndfaud

Henr' de Geldeford  £1/11/8½d   Laur' Clerico 3/1d
Willmo de Appleton 2/0d   Regin' de Rowkesle £1/6/0d
Ricro Hyndewyne 5/2d   Nicol Auenel 15/0d
Ricro le Tanner' 2/0d   Ingram Alisaundre 1/0d
Robro Sweyn 1/0d   Robro Noreis 2/3d
Johanne le Kyng 1/8d   Relicta Pygon 1/0d
Thom' Northupp' 2/10d   Willmo Bacon 1/0d
Galfro Bercar' 1/0d   Math' atte Gate 1/0d
Waltero Druery 3/0d   Willmo Swetel 3/1d
Rado Idwyne 1/6d   Henr' de la Fewde 7/0d
Thom' Hamond 1/0d   Ad' des Ores 3/6d
Ad' atte Furs 3/2d   Jul' atte Tune 1/0d
Johanne atte Furs 3/1d      
Johanne le Meystre 3/0d   Johanne le Rede 2/0d
Johanne le Graunt 2/0d   Johanne de Bernenepp' 1/8½d
Willmo de Parco 1/6d   Ricro atte Strode 1/0d
Johanne Horn 1/11d   Robro de Clympefaud 2/6d
Thom' de Totynton 1/6d   Galfo Aze 2/0d
Ad' de Millers 2/0d   Willmo Hamund 1/6d

1327 - Villat' de Estengmering'
Willmo Auenel 11/3d   Willmo de Rokesle 11/10d
Rico Colyn 2/0d   Matho Ingeram 6d
Thom' Pyion 3/0d   Thom' le Want 1/3d
Matho atte Gate 3/0d   Thom le Gor 1/3d
Thom' le Taillur 1/3d   Robto Polinfold 1/0d
Robto le Duk 3/3d   Johne Wodehale 4/0d

1327 - Villat' de Ecclesdon
Stepho le Pouer 11/0d   Alano atte Chaumbr' 11/3d
Nicho atte Felde 3/6d   Willmo atte Wike 4/0d
Willmo Adelard 3/0d   Jacabo atte Wike 6d
Rico Gourlewayn 2/0d   Agatha de Selkeden 3/6d
Godefro le Isemongere 2/6d   Willmo Hydwyne 2/6d
Robto le Frie 2/0d   Johne atte Hyde 3/0d
Willmo le Scober 1/6d   Ad' le Contel 6d
Willmo Biding 6d   Willmo Loppedell 1/0d
Robto Bardolf 6d   Johne Trone 2/0d
Rado le Halche 2/0d   Willmo de Bourton 1/6d
Amfr' le Bothel 1/6d   Relicta Weston 9d
Walto Dalemer 6d   Willmo Robelot 6d
Willmo atte Hale 2/0d   Humfr' Bisshop 1/0d
Relicta Johis Pires 2/0d   Johne le Couk 1/3d
Nicho le Longe 1/6d   Simone le Boteler 1/6d
Willmo Pyngeuyche 1/0d   Agatha Loppedelle 2/0d
Walto le Bedel 1/0d   Rico Clauel 2/0d
Rado Marchaunt 1/6d   Johne de Ingmanthop 1/6d

1332 - Villat' de Eklesdon
Robto de Wilecoumbe 18/6d   Willo Selkeden 2¼d
Stepho Power £1/1/5¾d   Wato atte Putte 2/8d
Rico Hasfold 4/0½d   Johe Chuk 2½d
Simone le Butelir 1/0d   Alic' le Scoulmaystr' 8d
Ad' le Tighelar 3d   Johe le Ismongar' 8d
Johe le Crowe 1/0d   Willo fil' Rici de Selkeden 2½d
Johe a Westetoune 6d   Robto Bardolf 2½d
Robto Northman 2½d   Willo Athelard 1/0d
Willo le Budel 1/0d   Relca Gyot atte Wyk 1/2½d
Robto Heresworth 8½d   Willo Cuttyng 3d
Nicho atte Felt 8½d   Willo le Halgh 3d
Thom' le Cupar 3d   Johe Edwyne 3d
Willo Scober 8d   Ad' Jakepreyst 2½d
Johe le Cleuar 2½d   Johe le Muleward 2½d
Johe atte Hyde 8½d   Mot in the Hale 1/2½d
Ad' le Cutel 2½d   Ad' a Westetoune 1/0d
Willo Bydyng 2½d   Willo Pynkenygh 8d
Thom' Crokebek 2½d   Willo Bourton 2/4d
Rado le Halghe 8d   Johe le Gor 3/6d
Relca Radi a Southetoun 8d   Willo Whitheft 1/0d
Aumfrid' Bisshop 2½d   Rico Gurlewyn 1/8¾d
Juliana Pieres 1/0¼d   dno Johe de Selkeden 3/4d
Henr' le Bothel 2½d      

1332 - Villat' de Estangemeryng
Rogo le Bauent 16/4d   Willo Boule 8d
Nicho Auenel 4/0d   Galfro le Scot 8d
Julia relca Willi Auenel 4/8d   Walto Dalameir 1/0d
Maycot' atte Gate 3/7½d   Rico Colyn 4/8d
Thom' Tayllur 1/0d   Robto le Duek 4/8d
Thom' Want 2/0d   Robto le Moulhunte 8d
Thom' le Gore 8d   Henr' Cassekyn 8d
Thom' Auenel 1/0d      

1332 - Villat' de Hamme cum Bargham
Thom Tregoz 10/8¾d   Rico atte Tye 2/4d
Johe Cobbe 4/8d   Thom' atte Tye 1/0d
Relca Robti Gyngyure 2/7d   Robto Horn 2/0d
Robto le Bule 2/0d   Johe Glaion 1/0d
Willo Heremond 1/8d      

1524 - Barpham & Ham
Robert Wolder     Richard Mylward  
Thomas Payne, seruant     William Wolder  
Alys Late, seruant     Richard Bryonysbery, seruant  
Thomas Jaen     Richard Wethyar, seruant  
John Butler     John Hayward  

1525 - Barpham & Ham
Richard Bollyng,
seruant to William Wolder
    John Can..., seruant  
Richard     _____ Froman, alyant, seruant  

1524 - Estangmeryng
John Smyth of anenw     John Gardenar  
John Bronne, seruant     John Musbe  
John Woolpyt, seruant     John West, seruant  
John Paynat, the elder     Thomas Yong, seruant  
John Paynat, the yonger     William Jonson  
Robert Broke     John Bragotte, seruant  
Edward Lethear     William Melyngton  
Richard Wethyar     John Ryvars  
Thomas Welsun, seruant     Harry Godart  
Peter Brymysbere, seruant     John Ameat, seruant  
John Bragot     Holant, alyant, seruant  
William Baker     Lane, alyant, seruant to John Smyth  
William Robed...., seruant        

1525 - Estangmeryng
Peter Brynford, laborer      John Samson  
Richard Yong, laborer     Thomas Smyth, laborer  
William Grene, laborer     John Tryce, laborer  
Peter Goddart, laborer        

1524 - Westangmeryng
John Palmer     Thomas Parson, seruant  
Richard Bardon     Robert Benett  
Richard Cooper     John Burton  
John Skynner, seruant      John Bolyng  
Thomas Bollyng, seruant     Thomas Carpenter  
Richard Cowper, seruant     John Afeld  
William Lythear     Robert Yong  
William Skynner     Walter Skynner, seruant  
Thomas Hacher     John Whyte, seruant  
John Marten     Harry Raynoll, seruant  
John Yong, the elder     John Long  
Richard Yong, seruant     Thomas Param  
Robert Henelyng     John Chylde, seruant  
John Carter     John Haywarde  
Annes Ocbourne     John Whiche, seruant  
John Whyte     Thomas Frogbroke, seruant  
John Bunne     John Hamond, seruant  
William Selden     John Selden, seruant  
Thomas Hall     Richard Frenche, seruant  
John Yong, ye yonger     Jamys, alyant, seruant  
John Frogbroke     Maryenat Woode, wydow  
Thomas Petytt     Dauy Este, seruant  

seruant = servant

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