Protestation Returns 1641/2

In 1641, Parliament organised a national protest aimed at Charles I. All males over the age of 18 were required to sign a declaration (or oath) "to live and die for the true Protestant religion, the liberty and rights of subjects and the priviliges of Parliament".

The Protestation was administered by the Justices of the Peace to the respective ministers, churchwardens and constables who implemented the Act in the parishes and who drew up the Protestation Returns.

Below is the Return for Angmering extracted from Sussex Record Society Vol. V. The names are not in the order of the Return itself but have been placed in alphabetical order by Angmering Village Life to assist researchers.


These are to Certifye that the names underwritten are all the Male Inhabitants of the Parish of Angmeringe in Sussex, above 18 years old, & they have all taken ye Protestation commended unto them by the House of Commons, Except William Burges, a Popish Recusant, who refused to take it.


Adams, Edward, Jun.


Adams, Edward, Sen.


Adams, Rich., Jun.


Adams, Rich., Sen.


Adams, Tho., Jun.


Adams, Tho., Sen.


Andrew, Tho.


Andrew, Wm.


Bacon, John


Bacon, Rich.


Bayly, John


Beach, James


Bishop, John


Blaber, John


Braby, Edw.


Brimsbery, Adam


Bunne, Henry


Bunne, James


Bunne, John, Jun.


Bunne, John, Sen.


Bunne, Michael


Bunne, William, Jun.


Bunne, Wm., Sen.


Cany [?Cavy], Rich.


Catrick, Tho.


Claarke, John


Clarke, Tho.


Clarke, Wm.


Cleyton, John


Constable, Edward


Constable, Tho.


Cubberdly, Edw.


Davy [?Dany], John


Davy [?Dany], Robert


Ede, George


Edwardes, Wm.


Ewens, Wm.


Foster, Hen.


Foster, Thomas


Fostor, Hugh


Freeman, Rich.


Gates, Edw.


Gerart, John


Gibs, John


Goble, John


Grevett, Robert


Grey, Rich.


Griffin, John


Griffin, Solomon


Haler, Robert


Heyward, John


Holden, Wm.


Homewood, Roger


Hulin, William


Ingram, John


Johnson, John


Kent, Tho.


Killicke, John


Lidford, Robert


Ludgater, Edw.


Ludgater, John


Ludgater, Nathaniell


Manninge, Hen.


Manninge, John


Manninge, Robert


Manninge, Tho., Jun.


Manninge, Tho., Sen.


Manninge, Wm.


Martin, Wm.


Mathew, Philip


Metell, John


Michell, Rich.


Moore, Rich.


Oliver, Wm.


Packe, Wm.


Pannett, Henry, Jun.


Pannett, Nicholas


Pannett, Robert


Pannett, Tho.


Parker, Oliver


Parsons, Robert


Parsons, Tho.


Payne, John


Pench, Edward


Penfold, Hugh, Jun.


Penfold, Hugh, Sen.


Penfolde, Wm.


Persone, Rich.


Peter, Hugh


Peter, Tho.


Piper, John


Pledge, Edward


Pledge, Lawrence


Pope, Rich.


Pope, Wm.


Prate, James


Prowting, Stephen


Rainsford, Edward


Rigar, John


Roberts, John


Rogers, Rich.


Russell, Wm.


Smith, Rich.


Snellinge, Edw.


Snellinge, John


Sowton, John


Stamforde, Wm.


Standen, John


Stapler, Abraham


Stone, John


Strether, Edmond


Strether, John


Stronge, John


Stronge, Tho.


Sturt, John


Sturt, John, Jun.


Sturt, Rich.


Swayne, John


Swift, Rich.


Symondes, Mr William


Symson, Tho.


Taylor, George


Trunnell, John, Jun.


Trunnell, John, Sen.


Vousden, Alexander


Wesson, John


White, George


Wilkins, George


Withier, John


Withier, William


Woodes, Philip


Woodes, Tho.


Worsfeild, Rich.


Younge, John, Jun.


Younge, John, Sen.


Younge, Nicholas


Younge, Rich.

W. Burges, a Popish Recusant, who onely (sic) refused to take the Protestation.

Edward Blaxton, Vicar of Angmeringe

  William Older - Churchwarden Edmond E. Clemsall - Collector
  Henry X Pannet - Churchwarden Thomas Gratwike - Collector

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