Angmering Probate Inventories 1596 - 1795


a Preliminary Commentary

RW Standing 2003

In the past, wills and probate were a matter for the church courts, and there is a small but marvellously informative set of Probate Inventories connected with this at the WSRO. In 1529 Parliament introduced a new act requiring executors to compile "trewe and perfyte" inventories of all the goods and cattle of the deceased, real estate was not included so the value of land and buildings is seldom assessed. This remained nominally the law until 1859.

General Notes

The Inventories catalogued further down this page contain the following in each heading:

  1. Inventory Number (click on the number to view a transcription of the actual Probate Inventory)
  2. Year by old calendar
  3. Name of deceased as in Inventory
  4. Part of parish where dwelling was located
  5. Occupation or status. (Where this is not stated a suggested occupation may be given in brackets [...] )
  6. Total valuation of moveable goods, funds, and leases

The above categories primarily as transcribed otherwise as previously listed by WSRO

The Notes relating to each inventory consist primarily of an approximate assessment of the size of the house, if any, in terms of the number of "bays" or sets of ground and upper floor rooms.

An assessment of the size of any farm involved, in terms only of the amount of corn in store, the amount of land currently bearing crops, an approximation of the number of cattle and of sheep, and whether the farm implements include one or more wains or carts.

Large sums of cash or funds, in bonds and debts owed, are also approximated.

Trade goods are noted.

If there are very unusal items listed, these are noted, such as the lease of other houses and lands.

A list of the names of Appraisers, who made the inventory, then follows. As a point of literacy, it will be observed that many of them signed using marks, and it is not clear who wrote the inventories.



These inventories are of limited use in providing a scale of wealth in the community. The omission of real estate from the assessments means that many landed freeholders possessed considerable hidden wealth. The value of farm stock and crops also varied considerably according to the season. It also seems evident that the early inventories included more poor people than those of the 18th century. Finally a fair degree of inflation took place in the first half of the 17th C, about 20 percent, which has to be allowed for.

Widows and Retired

Many widows inventories included large amounts in cash or bonds, but no farm land, and it may be suspected that they were the widows of farmers who had sold their stock. Similarly some older men, although described as yeomen, would have semi-retired so that their goods do not reflect true wealth.


Evolution took place in the vernacular house between the 16th and 18th centuries. It may be doubted that many of the Angmering houses were "polite" architects pattern book buildings. The open hall soon gave way to a hall with a loft or bedroom over, with fireplaces and chimneys inserted between the hall and kitchen. Some larger houses may have been two storey or more, but most were timber framed one and half storey structures - with low eaves in the loft bedrooms.

In the following notes the rooms listed are related together, so that a parlour with a loft over, a hall, and a kitchen with a loft over, would suggest a "three bay house" with an open hall. Other minor service rooms, such as a buttery and milkhouse might be in a rear lean-to or outshut.


With large variations, the generalisation may be made that on medium farms of under 100 acres, the ideal complement of draft implements was perhaps one wagon, two dung carts, one plow, two harrows and a roller. On the large farms of two hundred acres, two wagons, four dungcarts, two plows, and four harrows, with a roller, was more usual.

The principal crops on good lands in southern Angmering were firstly wheat, then barley, and finally other crops from beans to tares in a three course rotation perhaps with a full fallow.

The gradual enclosure of open fields, and gathering of farms together, undoubtedly resulted in a substantial increase in the acreage of individual farms.

The areas of land under crops is noted, but this will often have been only a pert of the arable in use, with land in fallow during the winter and otherwise.

On the downs at Barpham sheep were predominate, but with considerable ancient arable in the former village centres.


Joined beds, tables, stools, etc denote joinery items rather than tops on trestles. Feather beds were usual locally, but poorer people had flock and chaff.

Weights and Measures

Sussex traditional weights and measures varied from the national standard measures in recent use, and the following are only a guide.

One nail (eight pound weight). Bushels, quarters, and load [about a ton], usually of corn. Cord (of wood); chaldron (of coal). Acres, and roods (0.25 acre) however, the local acre may have been used in some instances at about 3/4 statute acre.

It may seem peculiar that there were 5 quarters to a load.

An ell was a length of 45 inches.

A few of the articles or terms include:

Identifiable Houses

There are problems in identifying houses, especially where the deceased had several holdings each with its own dwelling. In some instances he may have occupied his own house, while being a tenant of another farm.

It may also be expected that many of the houses that relate to the inventories, will either have been demolished before adequate record of them was made, or they survive but have been altered out of hand.

It is today all too easy to so alter, extend and "modernise" a pre-modern house as to render its original form and use unrecognisable. The rooms becoming remnants, and chimney, fireplace and ovens, removed. Externally, flintwork and brickwork may be painted. While the final insult to fine Georgian sash windows, or good casements, is for them to be replaced by clumsy upvc, and large picture windows.

Some degree of protection is no doubt provided where a building is Listed.

As yet a list of identified houses would be premature, but it may be considered the most likely are:

There are a number of references to farm and house tenancies in manor rentals and other sources, that may be found to relate to these inventories, but further research is required.

Will Summaries

The content of the Angmering Inventories is summarised below. However, if you wish to see a transcription of of the full Inventory itself, click on the Inventory Number link which will load Adobe Acrobat Reader (provided you have it installed).

If you wish to see a simple Alphabetical Surname list of these Inventories, click here.

No 1 1596 Humfrey Anne Angmering widow value £112

From the rooms named and their contents, Anne Humfrey probably had a central hall lofted over, with service rooms one end and a parlour chamber the other end. An outshut containing the milkhouse and buttery (for beer butts or barrels).

Anne Humfrey had goods valued at over £112, but also had over £14 in debts to deduct from that.

Her farm had 20 acres of crops, besides which there must have been considerable pasture for stock. Two hay wains together with dungcarts and other implements tend to indicate having had a fair sized farm, but the early wain may have been smaller than later waggons.


William Parson, John Belchamber, Richard Penfould. John Greenfeild and Richard Batmanson

No 2 1611 Stanforde Robert West Angmering tailor value unknown

Inventory damaged and incomplete, but total valuation probably under £10 without his debts.

Only three rooms mentioned. No land evident. If a tailor his tools and materials may have been minimal.


[Henry] Hale of the parish of [?] and Edward [Leegh] of the parish of West Angmering yeoman

No 3 1612 Selden William Ham yeoman value £110

Damaged with some valuations missing

Unusually, in addition to a small house in Angmering, with barns and land, he appears to have had another similar property in Rustington.

Small farm holdings in both places with cattle and sheep. No wain listed.


John [Frookbrood?] Richard Pannett , Richard Addams, Thomas Godman,

No 4 1613 Hall Thomas Angmering occupation ? value £4

No rooms listed, a small amount of goods. No trade tools or land etc

Lack of kitchen and other goods suggests he may not have been a head of household


Edward Grey, Richard Penfold, John Kewell and Thomas Lullerd

No 5 1617 Heward John Ham Husbandman value £109

Three bay house with central (open) hall and possibly an outshut.

A barn with substantial corn and eight cattle, carts but no wain, suggest a fair sized farm, partly in Ham North (Common) Field


Thomas Gratwick, Richard Adams, Thomas Goddelman, John Knowles and Richard Tye

No 6 1618 Gratwicke John Henfield [gentleman] value £49

Although not stated he would have been a "gentleman" related to Gratwicke of Ham. If he owned any goods at Henfield they were not listed. His money and bonds, together with a horse were his main wealth. A valuation of only £49 is misleading as to his status.


Richard Tye and John Sewtane

No 7 1619 Selden Thomas Ham [farmer?] value £140

Inventory in two parts for Ham and Bargham (Barpham). At least a two bay house with a loft over hall, in Ham but undefined house at Barpham.

A small farm at Ham with at least 32 acres arable. Few animals, carts but no wain


William Lidford, Richard Tye, Richard Adames and others

No 8 1619 Wymarke Ellynor Ecclesden widow value £73

House of three bay with loft over hall and possible outshut.

Few cattle and 48 sheep on farm, with 11 acres land in crops. Two wains and other implements suggest the farm may have been larger under her deceased husband.


Thos. Hallande gent., Richarde Penfold, John Stronge and Thomas Stronge

No 9 1619 Kent Ninion Barpham [farmer?] value £367

Three bay house with chamber over hall and probably outshut. The Folks Chamber meaning presumably a servants bedroom.

The first inventory of substantial value, for a large working farm. Besides several tons of wheat and other corn, the principal concern was sheep with some 450, no doubt on the downs at Barpham. The unquantified arable only needed one wain.


Thomas Grattwicke and Hugh Penfold of Angmering

Probate Joan Kent widow

No 10 1620 Ingram Joane Angmering wife value £20

This is unusual as the property of a woman not yet widowed, her husband named John..

In fact it consists only of a debt of £20


John Coole Clerke and John Foster

Probate John Ingram husband

No 11 1622 Frogbroke John Ham yeoman value £105

There are two versions of this inventory, both the same value.

House of at least two bays with a loft over the hall.

A farm with 7 cattle, 37 sheep, substantial corn in barn, but peculiarly no wain or carts and no cropped land listed, £44 in bonds etc.


Mr Thomas Holland, John Foster ,George Younge and others

No 12 1623 Streater Wyllyam Angmering husbandman value £66

Small house with chamber over hall and with service rooms but no kitchen mentioned.

Small farm with 7 cattle, some sheep, a cart etc, substantial corn in a barn, but no land listed.


Thomas Holland gent., John Foster and Hugh Penfold of Angmeringe

No 13 1623 Streeter Edward Angmering husbandman value £99

Three bay house probable, with hall and kitchen but no other service rooms mentioned, several bedrooms including a servants chamber.

Small farm with at least 13 quarters of corn in the loft and barn. 26 acres of cropped land, 19 cattle and 18 sheep with lambs. One wain and other implements.


John Foster, Henry Welles and Salloman Greffen

Probate Edward Streater and Edmund Streater sons

No 14 1624 Charlott Jane Angmering widow value £13

Perhaps a three bay house with loft bedroom over hall. No retail goods were listed in a "shop" which was presumably a room next to the hall. Why the term "olde kytchen" was used is unclear, there being no new kitchen. External kitchens were quite usual though, and this cannot be ruled out. The hall was used for kitchen purposes.

No land or farm stock.


[?] Holland, Richard Penfold, Henry Younge, Thomas Parker

No 15 1624 Owldar John Angmering occupation ? value £103

Possibly a three bay house with loft bedroom over the hall.

Mention of some goods and land at Ecclesden, the rest at "home" and at Parkers, and mentions a lease of Seldyn Feilds

26 acres of crops, 2 wains, 4 cattle, 45 sheep.


[?] Holland, Thomas Gratwicke, Richard Penfolde, Willyam Smith

No 16 1624 Coole John Angmering occupation ? value £413

Small house partly lofted, may not have been three bay.

Land and barn at Ferring, also mentions at Angmering probably, the home barns, Goodman Grayes barn, and Vicarige Barne, all with considerable corn etc.

19 cattle, 86 sheep Words not found readable may include wains or carts.

A quantity of wool and yarn indicative of spinning.

Nearly £7 worth of books distinguish John Cole as a particularly literate person locally.

Wearing apparel valued at £10 is unusually opulent.

£115 money owed to him


Thomas Watersfeilds snr. of Ferringe, Edward Graye of Clapham and Thomas Moncke of Worthing

Probate Elizabeth Cole widow

No 17 1629 Penfold Richard Angmering yeoman value £5

Probably Richard had already handed over his farm to his son, no farm is in evidence, although a windmill is listed. Only two rooms of a house are named suggesting he only owned part of the household goods.

Any working yeoman would have been worth more than £5.


Thomas Baker, Edward Wady, Thomas Holland gent., and Richard Adams yeoman

Probate Richard Penfold son

No 18 1629 Budde Richard Angmering labourer value £6

No named rooms, small amount of goods, with various tools including spinning wheels with linen and wool

the only stock was a pig, and chicken, no doubt in his garden, as in many other inventories


John Pannet and Richard Adams

Probate Magdalen Budd

No 19 1630 Hayes Robert West Angmering husbandman value £7

No rooms or household goods listed apart from a chest, main value in money and a horse

Appraisers [?] and John Foster

Probate Ellizabeth Hayes widow

No 20 1630 Pledge Henry Angmering husbandman £80

Three bay house possible, only part with upper chambers

Small farm with 10 sheep, 12 acres of cropped land noted, substantial corn in store, a cart etc but no wain


Rychard Addams and Edward Constable of Angmering

Probate Edward Pledge

No 21 1630 Stronges Thomas Angmering [husbandman?] value £215

Three bay house possible, partly or entirely lofted over the lower rooms

Farm with cart etc. but no wain, substantial corn in barn, 14 cattle, 43 sheep.

Debts owing him £125.


John Ingerame, and William Hulinge of Angmeringe

Probate Elizabeth Stronge widow

No 22 1630 Pannet John Angmering [husbandman?] value £71

Three bay house with chambers over all rooms, assuming the shop was in the house.

Shop with 3 looms but no cloth listed.

Small farm with 9 cattle, 39 sheep and also lambs, small amount of corn in barn. 11 acres of cropped land. No carts or wains etc listed.


Edward Constable, George Younge, Robert Pannet and John Isemonger

Probate Henry Pannett son

No 23 1631 Charles alias Rogers Robert & Thomas his son Angmering shoemakers value £3

Remarkable instance of father and son who must have died together.

Hall and shop the only named rooms - minimal goods, but no tools or shoes listed in the shop


Hugh Penfold, Sallomon Gryffen and Richard Freburne of Angmerynge

No 24 1631 Raynefforthe Thomas Angmering husbandman value £79

The values are missing due to damage

Possibly three bay, with upper chambers in part or all.

Lead weights in pounds - xij ii being 12 pounds

Small farm with 6 cattle, 12 lambs, a cart etc, 23 acres of cropped land.


John] [?]ing of [?] Wyllyam He[u]ynge, [?] Penfold of Angmerynge

No 25 1631 Chambers Ann Angmering widow value £17

This inventory lost since being listed in 1940s

No 26 1632 Wady Anthony Angmering gentleman value over £100

Nothing to indicate a house, money , a mare and colt the main items in a total of £16

Also considerable sums owed him by named people


George Soale and Edward Durman

Probate Edward Wady

No 27 1632 Sewell Thomas Angmering son of John value £8

No rooms listed, a small amount of goods, mainly the value of an undefined house and wages


John [Cooke] and Thomas Whitington

Probate [?] Sewell

No 28 1632 Clarke Edwarde Ham occupation ? value £23

No rooms listed - small amount of house goods, farm tools, and a few bushels of corn etc and small debts owed to him


Thomas Gratwike, Thomas Adams

Probate [Margaret] [?]

No 29 1633 Smith Elizabeth Angmering occupation ? value £112

Possibly three bay house with rooms over entire lower rooms

Farm with 12 cattle, 45 sheep and also lambs, a cart etc, several loads of unthrashed corn in the barn, 20 acres of cropped land.


[?] Holland, Hugh Penfold, Edward Constable

No 30 1633 Reade John Angmering [shepherd?] value £21

No rooms or household goods - only 24 sheep mentioned and money owed him


Mr Thomas Baker and John Napper

No 31 1633 Sellden Wyllyam Angmering tailor value £58

Possibly a three bay house with chambers over part, assuming the shop was a main room.

Lease of the house, and land mentioned, probably was his wife's property

Small farm with 3 cattle, 9 sheep, small amount of corn, no carts etc.

An interesting note at the end lists household goods which Syble his wife claimed to be hers, and so not listed under William's property. This circumstance could not have been unique, and other inventories no doubt omitted goods thought to belong to the wife, such as valuables and clothes as well as some furniture.


Wm Hewlynge and Allexander [Par]sden of Angmeringe and Edward Grenefeyld of Lytlehampton

Probate Sibell Selden widow

No 32 1634 Haslop Elizabeth Angmering spinster value £90

Damaged inventory - no rooms noted - no large amount of goods, no land

Fowling peece - a number of inventories list fowling or birding guns, at a time when such game must have been much more abundant, with extensive marshland.

Of her funds £74 was in the hands of other people

Appraisers - not known

No 33 1635 Pannet Robert senior Angmering occupation ? value £36

Three bay house probable with lofts over, one of these a smokeloft for curing bacon.

Fair quantity of cloth listed (30 yards) with wool and hemp, two linen and one wool spinning wheel

No land listed or carts, but 27 sheep and lambs, and small quantity of corn in the house.


Oliver Parker, Richard Adams, John Bunne

Probate Robert Pannett son

No 34 1635 Cussons Peeter Angmering shovel[tree] maker value £16

Two bay house probable, with an upper chamber.

From his tools including adzes, hatchets, etc. he only made the shaft for spades and other tools.

Croft or small farm with 2 acres corn, 4 cattle, no carts etc


Richard Ewins and Thomas Watersfield

Probate Joan Cussons widow

No 35 1637 Heath Cutbert Angmering occupation ? value £11

Two bay house probable, with a loft.

A smoke bay or large chimney for bacon smoking.

Backside or attached croft with one cow, 6 sheep, an acre of corn, no carts etc


Henry Pannat and Oliver Parker

Probate Rebecca Heath widow

No 36 1637 Parker Thomas East Angmering glover value £16

Small undefined house, with a shop in it, presumably a room.

Trade goods in the shop include leather, gloves, bags etc.

A useful list of local people is evidently of debts he owed them amounting to £18.


Richard Stamper, Edward Constable and Henry Forster, also signed by Edward Blaxton Parson of Angmering

Probate Margaret Parker widow

No 37 1639 Foster William Angmering occupation ? value £19

Two bay house with chambers over, probable

No land, but a pig and two beehives.

No evidence of trade or status. £10 of debts owed to him.


Henry Foster, Edward Constable,

Probate A[?] Foster widow

No 38 1639 Freeborne Richard Angmering shoemaker £47

At least two bay house lofted over, with a room used as a shop.

Shop containing trade goods of leather, shoes, lasts etc.

Small amount of land for livestock. Croft or small farm with 2 cattle, 7 sheep and lambs.

Over £8 debts owed to him.


Hugh Penfold of Angmeringe yeoman and Thomas Mannynge of Polinge husbandman

Probate Frances Freeborne widow

No 39 1639 Pannet Richard [Angmering] [shepherd?] value £33

No rooms and small amount of goods; no land mentioned only 15 sheep, and the value of a house or land leased to Nicholas Pannet at £3

Debts owed to him £22 10s


Edward Constable and Richard Adams

Probate Richard Pannett son

No 40 1640 Pledge Elizabeth Angmering widow value £28

Small house, only two rooms mentioned, possibly single storey.

No land

£25 in money and bonds


Willyam Henshawe of Egelsden yeoman and Edwarde Pledge of Angmering husbandman and Willyam Edwardes of Angmering yeoman

Probate L[?] Pledge son

No 41 1641 Holland Thomas West Angmering gentleman value £66

Four bay house - a four "bay" house might be in many forms and not simply a straight range of rooms

Small farm with 2 cattle, long cart etc., fair amount of corn,,


Thomas Greene, Hugh Penfolde, William Symons and John Ingram

Probate Sarah Holland widow

No 42 1644 Climsoll Edmund Barpham [farmer?] value £370

At least three bay house with chambers over, including a servants chamber

Large farm with about 40 cattle, 340 sheep, corn in the barn, over 50 acres cropped land in Angmering, and more in Poling, one wain etc.


Henry Olliver, Richard Pescod and Thomas Greinfeild

Probate Joan Climsoll widow

No 43 1644 Adams Richard East Angmering occupation? value £74

Probably four bay house with chambers over.

No land or stock listed

£50 in funds owned by him


Hugh Penfold, William Olliver and Henry Pannett

Probate Richatd Addams son

No 44 1647 Peter Thomas Angmering occupation ? value £56

Three bay house with chambers over

No land mentioned or stock apart from Five horses

£15 in funds owed him


Oliver Parker, John Shelly and John Streter

Probate Margaret Peter widow

No 45 1647 Bacon Richard Angmering occupation ? value £47

Possibly two bay house partly lofted.

Small farm with 8 cattle, one sheep with lamb, and small area of cropped land, no cart etc

A note about young trees in the garden perhaps an orchard.


Wm Huling, John Ingram and Thomas Martin

Probate Elizabeth Bacon widow

No 46 1648 Barnard Henry Angmering [farmer?] value £31

Undefined house, only the hall listed

Small farm with 3 cattle, 13 acres of cropped land, there may have been a cart etc


Thomas Martin, Edward Ludgater, John Page

No 47 1648 Baker Edward Angmering occupation ? value £35

Small undefined house with no rooms listed and minimal goods

Over £16 money owing to him

Small farm with one acre cropped land, corn in barn, ten sheep, no carts etc.


Stedman Breaden and Thomas Upperton

Probate Thomas Baker

No 48 1649 Worsfeild Richard Ecclesden yeoman value £90

Small undefined house, only one room listed but adequate goods for several rooms

Farm with 6 cattle, a cart etc. substantial amount of corn


Stedman Breaden and William Hulling

Probate [Ann} Worsfeild widow

No 49 1659 Huling William Angmering yeoman value £352

Four bay house with chambers over and other service rooms perhaps in an outshut

35 cheeses of one nail each

Some few goods at Robert Grevetts house listed

In the order of 90 acres of crops mentioned, 6 tons of hay, 25 cattle, 38 sheep, 1 waggon and 2 carts etc


Thomas Gittins [?] Stone

Probate Henry Huling son

No 50 1659 Beckett William Angmering occupation ? value £12

Only mentions the dwelling house but not rooms, although goods adequate for small dwelling

Small farm with 1 acre corn, 3 cattle, 3 sheep, no cart etc


Thomas Palmer and Edward Wadye

Probate Susanna Beckett alias Mettell widow

No 51 1660 Warner George Angmering [farmer] ? value £182

Small house, only two chambers mentioned but a hall etc may be assumed

A medium sized farm, 19 cattle, no sheep, substantial corn in store, a cart etc.


Mr Humphery Gratwicke and John Stone

Probate Mary Brooks alias Warner widow

No 52 1660 Penfold Allice Angmering widow value £155

House of at least three bays probable, with other service rooms in an outshut. Open halls were becoming less likely at this date

No farm or stock listed, but £8 rent due to her may have been for a small farm


Thomas Gittins and William Olliver

No 53 1660 Addams Edward Ecclesden [farmer-cloth maker?] value £307

A four bay house probable, with other service rooms attached.

About 60 yards of various cloths, two loads of wool listed, and four spinning wheels both linen and wool

Large farm with 2 waggons etc., barns at Hangleton and Ecclesden, with substantial quantities of corn, cattle and sheep in quantity.


Thomas Gittins and Richard Pescodd

Probate Joan Dyer als Addams widow

No 54 1662 Maninge John Angmering [blacksmith] value [£10]

Small house, possibly of single storey, and two bay. Shop perhaps attached.

Bellows, anvil, beckhorn, vice, the tools of a blacksmith in the shop.

Part of inventory missing probably containing details of farm stock, but 5 cattle listed.


Edward Wadie and Henry Blaber

No 55 1662 Bunn William Angmering occupation ? value £5

Small house, only two rooms listed, possibly single storey.

No land or stock and no trade tools listed


Edward Wadie and Richard Pescod

Probate Mary Bunn widow

No 56 1662 Brunsbury John Angmering occupation ? value £5

Small house, only three rooms listed, possibly two bay with upper rooms.

No land or stock only a pig, no trade goods only the ubiquitous woollen and linen wheels


Thomas Addams and Edward Wadie

Probate Alice widow

No 57 1662 Pannet Edward Angmering carpenter £25

No rooms listed apart from milkhouse, although goods adequate for small dwelling.

Working tools valued but not specified, a plow, and other wooden parts listed were presumably made by him


Edward Lucas and William Olliver

Probate Mariam Pannett widow

No 58 1662 Baker Richard Angmering yeoman value £38

Possibly three bay house.

14 acres of corn land, 5 cattle, no cart or other implements listed


Edward Wadey and John West

Probate Elizabeth Bowley alias Baker widow

No 59 1665 Grevate Robert Angmering [farmer?] value £222

Possibly three bay house, although no mention of a hall

62 acres of corn land listed, wheat in barn, 28 cattle, 54 sheep and lambs, 1 waggon etc.


[?] and William Oliver

Probate Elizabeth Grevett widow

No 60 1665 Addames Edward Angmering [farmer?] value £466

At least three bay house - some room names are missing

60 acres of corn land mentioned, stock including 41 cattle, 170 sheep, 2 waggons


Richard Pescod, Richard Adams and Cornelius Humphreys

Probate William Adams son

No 61 1666 Stonar Edward Angmering [farmer?] value £53

At least two bay house, but the only upper room listed is over the hall

Small farm with several quarters corn in the barn, 3 acres corn land, 5 cattle, 6 sheep, no cart


Humfary Gratwicke, John Heward

Probate Ann Stoner spinster sister

No 62 1666 Oliver William Angmering [farmer?] value £439

Three bay house probable.

Substantial lease land worth £130, with 71 acres corn land listed and corn in barn, 23 cattle, 40 sheep, 23 lambs, 1 waggon etc.


Thomas Gittens, William Older and Richard Adams

Probate Thomas Olliver son

No 63 1667 Stronge Thomas Angmering yeoman value £19

No rooms listed although goods adequate for small dwelling, some goods also at Hangleton, and at Findon

No farm indicated apart from 9 sheep


John Grevett

Mathias Lassiter and John Gravett both of [Findon] yeomen

Probate Thomas Bishopp

No 64 1668 Heberden John Angmering occupation ? value £219

Damaged inventory with descriptions incomplete.

No rooms listed. Some unquantifiable farm animals etc. and implements.


Thomas Gitttens Gent [?] Heberden and John Madehurst

Probate [Heberden widow]

No 65 1669 Penfold Oliver Angmering [farmer?] value £406

Incomplete inventory and uncertain if all rooms are listed

Three bay house probable

A farm with some cattle, sheep, and implements but unquantifiable except by their considerable value.


Edward Greene of Rustington [] Penfold of Arundell and Richard [] [S]ompting

Probate Joan Penfold widow

No 66 1669 Addames Richard Angmering yeoman value ?

Incomplete inventory but rooms possibly complete

Probably three bay house.

Farm with 32 acres corn land listed, and good numbers of cattle, 1 waggon etc.


Humfrey Gratwick, Thomas Addames, Thomas Olliver

No 67 1669 Whighthed John Angmering occupation ? value £30

Nothing listed apart from money and clothes. Possibly had been living with parents.


William [Woolven], Richard Bennett

Probate Robert Whitehead

No 68 1669 Hall John Angmering [farmer?] value £52

Only two rooms listed, possibly two bay single storey.

£13 owed to him in rent and other ways undefined.

Small farm with 47 sheep, and some other items, no land or carts etc listed.


John Upperton, William Kewell, John Mathew and John Madehurst

Probate Elizabeth Hall widow

No 69 1670 Pratt Thomas Angmering yeoman value £271

At least a two bay house, with various service rooms.

Large farm with 19 cattle, 24 sheep,

Numerous cattle and sheep, 25 acres corn land listed, and large amounts of corn in barns, 2 waggons etc.

Also two kilns with bricks and tiles and fuel etc with brick making tools


Anthony Willshere of Gritham yeoman and John Grinfeild of Patching husbandman

Probate Edward Johnson

No 70 1670 Pratt John Angmering yeoman value £576

House called Breach House, at least a two bay house.

House at Home, four bay house at least

Large farms with 69 cattle, 124 sheep, 65 acres corn land listed. Substantial corn at Breach and other barns. 4 Waggons on two farms evidently. Breach, Lower and Jordans barns mentioned.

Two brick kilns and goods similar to inventory 69 evidently at Breach


Gregory Haines of Liminster yeoman and John Blunden of Thakham yeoman

Probate Jane Pratt widow

No 71 1670 Selden William Ham occupation ? value £21

Two or three bay house, at least partly lofted over.

A croft or small farm, note of ploughing but no stock or crops indicated.


Humfrey Gratwicke and William Ludgater

Probate Joseph Selden son

No 72 1671 Charles alias Rodgers Anthony Angmering husbandman value £27

Two or three bay house, at least in part lofted over

Apart from a few milking cows there is no other reference to farm goods or land


William Hampton of Poling and John Young of Eglesden

Proobate Jane Charles als Rodgers widow

No 73 1672 Adams Edward Angmering yeoman value £20

No goods or house, evidently a son having recently inherited £20 from his father's estate, Edward Addams.

Appraisers - none listed

No 74 1672 Adams Mary Angmering occupation ? value £20

Evidently the sister of Edward Adams inv. No 73.

£20 inherited from estate of father Edward - as stated by her mother Joane Dyer alias Adams

Appraisers - none listed

No 75 1672 Gardner Thomas [Barpham] [farmer?] value £275

An additional inventory of an acre of leaseland at Storrington adds £8 10s to the above valuation - making the total valuation £284.

At least a four bay house.

Also a small undefined house at Tottington.

A farm at Storrington with a barn, 10 cattle, 14 sheep, etc

Farm at Tottington corn land undefined

Farm at Barpham, 16 cattle, 340 sheep and also lambs, 2 waggons etc.


Thomas Manninge of Poleinge, William Adams of Angemeringe, Thomas Adams of Angemeringe and

Thomas Batcoke of Storingeton

Sarah Gardner widow

No 76 1675 Knight Francis Angmering [haberdashery?] value ?

Decayed inventory. Probably several rooms on two floors, possibly one room a haberdashery shop.

As much as 100 yards of various cloths

Appraisers - not known

No 77 1676 Duke William Angmering [farmer?] value £180

Two bay house at least.

Woodhouse and Poling Farms

Mentions 25 acres of corn land at Woodhouse Farm, barn with a ton of corn

Nearly 29 acres at Poling

17 cattle, 15 sheep with lambs, 1 waggon etc


Thomas Oliver of Litle Hampton yeoman and William Hamton and William Trice of Poling yeomen

Probate [Isaac] Duke

No 78 1676 Grasmarke John Angmering husbandman value £153

Two bay house at least

Large farm with 18 cattle, 40 sheep, substantial corn in a barn, 1 waggon etc


Thomas Gittens gent and Thomas Oliver yeoman

Probate Joan Grasmark widow

No 79 1677 Sturt John Angmering victualler value £98

Three bay house probable

Small farm with 7 acres corn land listed. Rent of £2 15s due to him for undefined property

Substantial quantity of beer in the cellar


Thomas Gittins gent Thomas Oliver and Nicholas [Cha..] yeomen

No 80 1677 Comes John Angmering husbandman value £27

No house or goods only £25 bond and money.


John Ingram and Edward Ingram

Probate Thomas Combes of Burpham husbandman brother

No 81 1677 Dyer James Angmering husbandman £150

At least three bay house

Large farm with substantial quantity of corn sown, about 20 cattle, 68 sheep also lambs, 1 waggon etc


John Younge and John Ingram of Angmering

No 82 1678 Taylor John Angmering bricklayer value £26

No household goods or rooms, only undefined trade tools and money including £22 bonds


Hugh Penfold of Angmering and Richard Lidbiter of Poling

Probate Abraham Taylor brother

No 83 1678 Gurre Richard Ham husbandman value £246

Two bay house at least.

£144 in funds

Farm with 9 cattle, corn in barn and sown on land, undefined tools


Humphery Gratwicke of Ham Gent and Hugh Penfold of Angmering

Probate Mary Gurr widow

No 84 1682 Beach John Angmering an infant value £20

Money £20 presumably inherited

Appraisers - none listed

Probate John Beach nearest relation

No 85 1683 Hollingham Richard Angmering husbandman value £75

No rooms listed although adequate goods for small house

Farm with 23 acres of corn land listed, 10 cattle, 1 waggon etc


Thomas Addams and Richard Addams of Angmering

Probate Hugh Penfold creditor

No 86 1683 Bunn John Angmering blacksmith value £78

House of two or three bays, and a shop

Working tools undefined, coal etc. List of 22 names of debtors to him for some £30


Mr John Pelatt of the Bourough of Arundell mercer and William Garner of Angmering

Probate Catherine Bunn widow

No 87 1683 Adams William Barpham [farmer?] value £413

Three bay house at least

Large farm with 104 sheep, 46 cattle, 18 acres land listed, 2 waggons, 1 longcart etc

Large amount of corn in barn.


Thomas Adams and Richard Adams of Angmering yeoman

Probate Thomas Adams brother

No 88 1683 Squire William Angmering carpenter value £30

House of at least two bays

Working tools in the workhouse undefined. No farm or stock.


Richard Addams and James Read

Probate Anne Squire widow

No 89 1685 Brooke Margreat Angmering widow value £19

Only two rooms listed, probably only the rooms with her goods in them

Minimal household goods and nothing else


John Tyde and Peeter Peice and Beiamin Sewell

Probate Robert Brooks son

No 90 1685 Hopkin Elizabeth Angmering [farmer?] value £94

Household goods undefined and no rooms listed

Small farm with undefined cattle £28, corn £39 and husbandry tools £6


Mr Thomas Baker and John Boley of Angmering

Probate John Boley

No 91 1687 Addams Richard Angmering [farmer?] value £149

At least three bay house

Farm with 15 cattle, 21 sheep with lambs, cornland undefined, 1 wagon.


Thos Olliver and Edward Ingram

Probate Jane Adams widow

No 92 1687 Oliver Thomas Angmering yeoman value £819

At least a three bay house

£122 in funds

£155 value of farm leases at Earthpitt Field, Angmering formerly Richard Penfolds, and Kingston Farm.

Large farms with substantial corn in barns, 145 acres land listed, 61 cattle, 126 sheep, 2 waggons

The farm stock at Kingston probably not listed.


Hugh Penfold of Sompting yeoman and John Ingram and Edward Ingram of Angmering yeomen

Probate Margaret Olliver widow and William Olliver son

No 93 1687 Chisman John Angmering occupation ? value £243

Three bay house

Only household goods listed, wealth mainly in bonds of £200


by John Ingram and Edward Ingram

Probate Margaret Cheesman widow

No 94 1687 Gurr Mary Ham widow value £192

At least a two bay house

Farm or residue of a farm with corn in a barn, 5 acres cornland listed, no stock or implements

Main wealth £159 due to her from land owned by her late husband William Brookes


Edward Ingram and William Ludgater

Probate Elizabeth Brooks spinster daughter

No 95 1688 Nickson George Angmering occupation ? value £14

At least a two bay house

Household goods only, no land or stock indicated or trade tools


Thomas Adams of Angmering sen. And William Capon of [Poling]

Probate John Boley of Angmering yeoman during the minority of George, Sarah, and John Nickson

No 96 1688 Morton Joane Angmering widow value £66

At least a two bay house

Main wealth in bonds £52

Household goods minimal value and no land or stock


Robert Pannett, Richard Sturt

Probate John [Ventrus?] son

No 97 1689 Elliott Henry Angmering yeoman value £279

Three bay house probable, with a shop

Boots, shoes, leather etc in the shop.

Large farm with 29 cattle, 31 sheep with 19 lambs, 78 acres cornland listed, 1 waggon etc


Robert Bushbee, Thomas Adams senior, Olliver Penfold

Probate [Jacob Elliot son]

No 98 1689 Boully John Angmering [farmer?] value £103

Three bay house probable, but not all lofted over if all rooms listed

Farm with 14 cattle, 38 sheep also lambs, 48 acres cornland listed, 1 waggon


Thomas Addams, Symon Dane

Probate Jane Boley widow

No 99 1689 Peeters Thomas Angmering bricklayer value £167

Three bay house probable, but oddly no bedrooms or beds listed.

Farm with substantial corn in a barn, substantial malt, 8 cows, 33 sheep, 4 acres of land listed, no husbandry tools noted

£65 owed him in debts


John Ingram and Edward Ingram

Probate William Peeters son Elizabeth Peeters widow

No 100 1689 Austen Mary Angmering widow value £18

No rooms, only her personal goods and £10 money


John Ingram, An'tn Morton

Probate Ri[chard] Sturt

No 101 1689 Strong John Angmering yeoman value £165

Three bay house probable.

Several quarters of corn in the house but no indication of land or farm goods and stock


Simon Dalby, William Higenis

Probate Mary Strong widow

No 102 1690 Henshaw Joseph Angmering husbandman value £212

Three bay house probable.

Large farm with 34 cattle, 260 sheep also lambs, 1 waggon, no land listed.


Robert Bushby and George Goble yeoman

Probate Susan Henshawe widow

No 103 1691 Addams Thomas Angmering occupation ? value £27

No rooms listed, only personal goods such as a bible his bed and a horse.

£14 in money in hand or owed.


Oliver Penfold, Thos Ludgater

Probate Mary Hollingham sister

No 104 1691 Washers John Angmering [shoemaker?] value £137

No rooms listed, but goods enough for small house, with a shop.

The shop contained leather and a last as of a cobbler.

£106 in bonds and money


Thomas Addames, Thomas Ludgatter

No 105 1693 Addams Thomas Angmering yeoman value £195

At least a two bay house.

£83 in bonds etc

Farm with 18 acres cornland listed and 5 acres grass, 8 cattle and a few sheep. No husbandry tools valued


Oliver Penfold and Robert Pannatt of Angmering

No 106 1694 Horsley Robert Angmering yeoman value £278

Full two storey house probable - hall not listed

large farm with 32 cattle, 45 sheep, considerable corn in barn, 1 waggon, 24 acres cornland mentioned


William Knowles yeoman and Olliver Penfold yeoman both of Angmering

Probate - A[?] Horsley widow

No 107 1702 Sturtt Richard Angmering yeoman value £198

Three bay house with other service rooms

Leaseland of £90 value, and £26 in bonds etc

Large quantity of beer in cellar

No farm goods apart from two pigs and a small amount of cornland


William Olliver yeoman and John Edsaw yeoman both of Angmering

Probate Mary Sturt widow

No 108 1703 Purvie William Angmering occupation ? value £72

Short inventory with left side missing with minimal goods and no rooms listed, probably money only


[?] a butcher and [?] a ropemaker

Probate? William Gratwicke gent

No 109 1705 Penfold Oliver Angmering yeoman value £168

Three bay house

Large farm with 28 cattle, 32 sheep with their lambs, 72 acres cornland, 1 waggon etc


William Olliver yeoman and William Knowles yeoman both of Angmering

Probate Catharine Penfold widow

No 110 1705 Spinkemell Edward Angmering yeoman value £69

No rooms listed, but adequate goods for small house

Farm with 1 waggon etc, 7 cattle, 15 sheep also lambs, some cornland


William Knowles yeoman and John Maninge yeoman both of Angmering

Probate Maria Spinkernel widow

No 111 1705 French Anthony Angmering wheelwright value £64

Three bay house

Shop presumably separate, with large quantity of waggon parts mainly wheels and tools

No land or farm goods indicated.

Interesting note of trestles etc for the fair - presumably Angmering Fair


William Parly [Pearly] of North Stock yeoman and John Edsau of Angmering yeoman

Probate Mary French widow

No 112 1706 Adams Thomas senior Angmering occupation ? value £16

Small house of three rooms perhaps single storey

Household goods only, no land or farm goods etc


William Knowles yeoman and Robert Edmans butcher both of Angmering

Probate Elizabeth Adams widow

No 113 1712 Knowles Sarah Angmering wife of William value £278

Her personal goods at William Knowles of Goring - no rooms noted

Personal goods at George Gittens of Goring - no rooms noted

A few items in husbands keeping

About £220 in funds


William Knowles Jun. of Goring yeoman and Thomas Ludgater of Angmering Ropemaker

Probate John Spencer gent and Elizabeth Knowles

No 114 1713 Pannatt Robert Angmering tailor value £459

At least a two bay house, with a shop probably in a room

£428 in money and bonds

No goods described for the shop but of small value

5 acres of land listed


James Dawtrey and Richard Penfold

Probate Mary Pannet widow

No 115 1714 Pearly Thomas Angmering husbandman value £76

No rooms or household goods, mainly money and a trunk. £67 in bonds etc


John Edsau, Richd Penfold

Probate Mary Duke alias Pearley wife of James Duke

No 116 1714 Ingram John Angmering yeoman value £104

Two bay house at least

Farm with 19 acres land listed, 8 cattle, parts of waggon etc


William Olliver, William Walles

Probate Mary Ingram widow

No 117 1716 Snatt John Angmering husbandman value £49

No rooms or goods, mainly legacy from grandfather John Rogers of Washington £30 and other funds


William Knowles, Samuel Backshell

Probate Thomas Snatt father

No 118 1716 Snelling Thomas Angmering yeoman yeoman £136

Minimal household goods and no rooms listed

Lease of messuage and land at Angmering worth £60

Similar lease at [Hamilton] Hangleton? worth £60

Husbandry tools valued but not specified £10 only, no land


Tho Sneling Jun., Geo Franckwell

Probate William Snelling brother

No 119 1719 Gobell George Angmering yeoman value £121

Two bay house at least

£90 funds.


Richd Barton, Tho Ludgater

Probate [Alice] Goble widow

No 120 1719 Marner Margaret Angmering widow value £14

No rooms listed, adequate household goods for small house

Item for new cloth and linen spun and not spun and hemp worth about £1


Thos Ludgater, Richd Barton

Probate Martin Chisman son

No 121 1720 Manning John Angmering yeoman value £615

At least two bay house

£576 in funds

No farm goods apart from a few small items in the stable


William Olliver, Tho.Ludgater

Probate Maria Manning widow

No 122 1721 Walls William Angmering yeoman value £259

Three bay house with several service rooms

Large farm with 2 waggons, 22 cattle, 16 sheep, etc. Over 70 acres land valued for various purposes.

Pound Barn mentioned with several loads of corn.


John Edsau, Tho Olliver

Probate William Walls son

No 123 1721 Walls Edmund Angmering yeoman value £167

Three bay house

£34 in bonds etc

Farm with 18 acres of and listed, 13 cattle, 1 waggon etc


Richard Barton, Christopher Procter

Probate Ann Walls widow William Walls son

No 124 1721 Edsaw John Ecclesden yeoman value £1,479

Large house with 16 general and service rooms, of which 6 bedrooms plus garret

£1479 the greatest value inventory for Angmering of which £220 in funds.

Broomhurst Farm stock listed largely 21 cattle.

Mr Faggs farm, 6 cattle and 55 sheep etc

Church Fields 30 sheep

Amys farm over 23 cattle.

Ecclesden farm about 53 cattle including 14 working oxen, 78 sheep with their lambs, 48 other sheep, several barns with corn, including Great Barn and a Granary

About 180 acres of arable listed, 2 waggons.


Richard Barton, Christopher Procter

Probate Ann Walls widow William Walls son

No 125 1723 Knowles William Angmering yeoman value?

Incomplete inventory, but all rooms appear present

Four bay house probable with other service rooms

Farm with about 70 cattle, more than one waggon etc


Ralph Grevatt, John Parhams

No 126 1723 Blundell George Angmering [shoemaker?] value?

No rooms, an incomplete inventory

No goods evident, only money owed him listed but of unknown amount

His working tools of unknown type

Blundell may have been a shoemaker in the High Street


James Rudman, Thos Ludgater

No 127 1725 Ingram Edward Angmering yeoman value £487

At least a four bay house

£40 funds.

Large farm with about 40 cattle, 13 sheep also lambs, 2 waggons etc. Substantial amount of corn listed.

About 140 acres of arable noted.


William Oliver, Thomas Ludgater

Probate John Ludgater

No 128 1725 Ludgetter Thomas Angmering ropemaker value £17

Two bay house probable

Household good only, no trade or farm goods


Martin Chesman and John Edmunds

Probate William Ludgatter son

No 129 1725 Tanner Susannah Angmering [shopkeeper?] value £36

Three bay house probable

One bedroom is called the shop chamber, but there is no shop or trade goods listed


Marten Chisman and William Blunden

Probate Henry Bishopp, Anna Bishop, daughter

No 130 1726 Kemp Robert Lower Barpham yeoman value £618

Five bay house probable

Large farm with 2 waggons etc., substantial corn sown and in store, 34 cattle, 220 sheep also lambs


Edward Symond [Symmon], John French

Probate Robert Kemp son

No 131 1727 Hollis John Angmering yeoman value £979

At West Preston a four bay house probable

At East Preston a four bay house probable

No house is indicated as being in Angmering

£290 of funds

Large farms but no indication of whereabouts: with 2 waggons, 60 cattle also calves, 239 sheep also lambs, 150 acres of arable noted.


Richard Hamond, John Edmonds, Martin Cheesman, John Peate

Probate Elizabeth Hollis widow

No 132 1727 Snelling Ann Angmering widow value £196

House and 1 acre of land - Mill House Croft - in Angmering leased from Thomas Palmer valued at £100

Windmill by lease also from Palmer £60

Debts owe to her £32

No rooms or goods listed


Thos Knowles, Rich Knowles

Probate Richard Barton executor

No 133 1727 Green Stephen Angmering blacksmith value £55

Two bay house probable

Shop with blacksmith tools listed

A house valued at £20 but found to be freehold and so this £20 deleted from valuation

£18 debts due to him


Martin Chesman and Richard Gillam

Probate William Green and John Green brothers of the deceased

No 134 1728 Manning Mary Angmering widow value £411

Dwelling house at Angmering - list of goods for a small house but no rooms given

£380 in funds


Marten Chisman, John White

No 135 1728 Barnard Mary Angmering widow value £558

Small amount of goods, but no rooms listed with them apart from:-

Shop with unspecified goods

Leather valued at £20 not listed in the shop

Small boarding room listed

House bearing sign of White Horse in Angmering valued at £100

£350 in funds


Martin Chisman, John Kewel

Probate John Martin son

No 136 1728 Sturt Mary Angmering widow value £20

No rooms listed only a small amount of goods

About £10 in funds

No land or trade goods.


John Ingram, Daniel Walls

Probate [Richard] Barton

No 137 1729 Hunt John Angmering butcher value £257

At least a three bay house

Farm with a barn, 18 cattle, quantity of corn, a few sheep, cart probable

£55 debts owing to him


John Woods and Christopher Prockter

Probate William Hunt and Peter Woods brothers

No 138 1730 Knowles Richard Angmering yeoman value £968

At least a three bay house and probably full two storey

£169 in funds owed and about £30 cash

Large farm with 120 acres of cornland listed, a barn with corn, well over 80 cattle, 10 sheep and lambs, 2 waggons etc.


William Spencer and John Parham

Probate William Knoles, Rad[...]e [...]ett and John Edmunds

No 139 1731 Walls Daniel Angmering yeoman value £465

At least a three bay house

Leasehold estate held from Sir Cecil Bishopp worth £30

Large farm with Pound Barn, Grooms Barn, and Pannetts Barn, all with substantial corn etc. 2 waggons. Over 20 cattle. Over 30 acres of land noted.

Land at Swills, East Common noted.


Thomas Duke of Littlehampton Yeoman and Martine Cheesman of Angmereing Yeoman

Probate Ann Walls widow

No 140 1733 Crossingham Katherine Angmering spinster value £250

Goods above and below stairs of small value but no rooms given

£240 in funds


Richard Penfold Sen. & Richarde Penfold Jun.

Probate Richard Crossingham nephew

No 141 1734 French Robert Angmering occupation ? value £878

This inventory is missing

No 142 1735 Hoare Thomas Angmering malster value £299

At least a three bay house, and full two storey

Goods not described

Malt etc in the malthouse worth £90 Money owed him £111


John Edmonds and Richard Penfold jun

Probate Nann Hoare widow

No 143 1736 Johnson Mary Angmering widow value £138

Personal goods listed but no rooms

£115 in bonds


Richard Barton and John Kewell

Probate Robert Drewett & William Drewett natural & lawfull brothers

No 144 1736 Rowe John Angmering blacksmith value £29

Probably a three bay house

No goods listed in rooms

A "shop room" with over £9 of undefined goods


John Edmonds and Richard Penfold

Probate Mary Rowe widow

No 145 1736 Oliver William Angmering yeoman value £742

Possibly a six bay house, two storey, possibly including a new wing with the "new chamber".

No goods listed for rooms

Farm at Kingston and presumably Angmering

Barns with substantial corn, about 40 cattle, 37 acres grass. 97 acres cornland noted. 2 waggons


John Edmonds and Ralph Grevat

Probate Thomas Oliver cousin

No 146 1736 Penfold John Angmering yeoman value £387

Not found readable being too faint

No 147 1737 Blunden William Angmering mercer value £558

A shop and a warehouse with substantial cloths and linens

At least a three bay house

Household Goods - not detailed

£82 in money and debts owed him. About £415 in stock valuation in cloths and haberdashery


Richard Lidbeter and Henry Penfold

Probate Mary Blunden widow

No 148 1740 Hollist Anthony Angmering blacksmith value £210

At least a two bay house

One room called the Little Shop

The Other Shop presumably the main forge with £78 undefined goods

40 in money owed him


Richard Penfold sen. & John Edmunds

Probate Mary Hollist widow

No 149 1741 Drewett William Angmering yeoman value £577

Four bay house probable

Large farm with over 20 cattle, 2 waggons etc. Home barn at Ecclesden, Grooms barn, New barn, and Pound barn with corn in substantial quantity.


Thomas Olliver and William Olliver

Probate Ann Drewett widow

No 150 1741 Ford Thomas Ham yeoman value £389

At least a two bay house

Household goods listed but no rooms

£138 in funds etc.

Large farm with 2 waggons, 54 sheep, under 10 cattle, substantial corn in store


Thomas Parson and Richard Ford

Probate Abigail Ford widow

No 151 1756 Kewell John Angmering malster value £280

Three bay house probable

A malthouse with £172 value malt

£60 funds


Tho Olliver and George Olliver

Probate Anne Kewell widow

No 152 1769 Miles John Angmering farmer value £410

Not complete but rooms may be all there

At least a three bay house

Large farm with possibly 2 waggons, substantial corn, About 15 cattle, over 100 acres of arable land noted.


William Newnham and Thomas Uwins

Probate Gorge Miles son

No 153 1795 Hill William New Place [farmer ?] value £677

If it is New Place then at least a large part of that mansion if not all of it, with 5 bedrooms

£270 in funds out of £677 total Farm stock valued at £324.

2 waggons, no acreages, 40 sheep, 16 cattle


John Markwich and James Lear

Probate Henry, Jane and Mary Hills, brother and sisters

Angmering Village Life Notes:

As explained by Mr RW Standing above, the value of an inventory does not by itself give a true indication of the wealth of the deceased as, generally, buildings and land were not included in the valuation process - only house contents, personal effects, implements and husbandry. To obtain some idea of the wealth of the deceased, local historians MW Standing and RGP Kerridge devised the following table of derived "Notional Social Groups" from over 3000 probate inventories from 59 West Sussex parishes on the coastal plain:

  Notional Social Group Probate Inventory Value
  Very Poor Up to £5
  Poor £5 to £14.99
  Lower Middling £15 to £49.99
  Upper Middling £50 to £199.99
  Rich £200 to £554.99
  Very Rich Over £555

The word "Imprimis" indicates that it the first entry of the Inventory.

Angmering Village Life wishes to thank both Mr Standing and the West Sussex Record Office for their kind permission to allow us to provide these transcriptions on our website. The 153 transcriptions were originally converted to Adobe PDF files by the Editor of this website and are viewable by clicking on the inventory Number in the list above.

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