Electors' Register - 1918 (Servicemen)

Below is a voters' list of Servicemen who were absent from the village in 1918. The list must have been produced later in 1918 as it does not contain the list of any villagers killed during WW1. The list only contains the names of servicemen over the age of 21 - the voting age at that time. Our thanks go to Mr RW Standing who has compiled this list.

1 Balchin, Alfred Poling AB 30080 HMS Maidstone
2 Balchin, Herbert Poling 1882 Cpl 21st Lancers
3 Balchin, Leonard Poling 231st D Block RNB Devonport
4 Balchin, Sidney John Poling SB 985 RNB Portsmouth
5 Barnett, Charles Barrack Yard Cottages 40462 Pte 339th Road Construction
6 Barnett, George Barrack Yard Cottages 141235 6th Field Sq RE BEF
7 Beaty, Walter James Ham Park 21845 Pte No.10 Vet. Hospital
8 Bonnett, Frank Rose Villa 2033198 L-Cpl MT ASC
9 Boyce, William Water Lane 19593 Cpl Y/4T M Bty RFA
10 Bridger, Archibald Elm Grove 149781 Pte Norwood Dpt ASC
11 Bridger, Arthur Lovell Elm Grove 41557 D Co Royal Sussex
12 Brockhurst, Henry William M. Angmering Park 37860 Pte Ox and Bucks LI Gar Bn
13 Brockhurst, Fred Elm Grove 158951 Dvr RHA
14 Brown, Herbert Yarmer, Poling 104863 Sgt 120th Siege Bty RGA
15 Burchfield, Morris Reginald Littleworth AB 2726 Hood Bn RNVR
16 Butler, Henry Willaim North Lodge 7076 Prisoner of War
17 Butler, William John Swillage 4582 AVC RFA
18 Caplin, Albert William The Square 89785 Sgt C Bty RFA
19 Chalk, Napthali Hollingside 2729 B Co. 23rd Middlesex
20 Chalk, Jesse Hollingside 141668 Pte 12th Bn MGC
21 Chant, Jonathan Chalks Cottages 1765 Pte 8th Royal Sussex
22 Choate, Henry William Belmont Villa 421450 Pte RAMC
23 Choate, Arthur William G. Belmont Villa 170082 Dvr RFA
24 Clavey, Herbert Station Road 224004 Spr 529 Co. RE
25 Collins, Frederick George Lamb Hotel 136699 Drv 31st Div RE
26 Cragg, William The Cottrells 41759 8th Leicesters
27 Faulkner. Charles Owen Meadow Bank 020347 Cpl ASC Italy
28 Field, Arthur The Square 24327 L-Cpl 7th W Kents
29 Field, Ernest The Square 35110 Pte Mobile Sec. RHA
30 Field, Owen The Square 5753 Pte RFA
31 Finch, James Richard Ham Cottages 158613 Pte ECLC
32 Fleming, Samuel Church Farm Major War Office
33 Frampton, Frederick John Woodford Villas 258412 Pte ASC
34 Gent, Albert The Square 136894 Pte 137th AT RE
35 Gordon, George Waterton Lieut. RNVR
36 Graysmark, Percy E. Thorpe Cottages 265923 Pte 2/6th Suffolks
37 Green, Jesse Longback Cottages 2415 13th Royal Sussex
38 Green, Herbert Longback Cottages 3604 Pte Prisoner of War
39 Green, Thomas Benjamin Honey Lane 10225 Pnr 317th Co. RE
40 Greenyer, Albert George V. Station Road 265996 Pte 2/6th Sussex
41 Hammond, Arthur The Cottrells 212709 Dvr RFA
42 Hanson, Sidney New Road 5592 Pte 9th Royal Sussex
43 Harber, George William Arundel Road 21545 Pte AVC
44 Hayward, Gilbert Dawson Station House 267706 Pnr RE MEF
45 Heasman, Edward Charles Malta Cottage 24577 Dvr RHA
46 Heasman, John Frank The Cottrells 20449 Royal Sussex
47 Heasman, Frederick Graham The Cottrells 27146 RF Prisoner of War
48 Henson, George Water Lane 4176 Pte 7th Royal Sussex
49 Henson, Wilfred Water Lane 26268 Pte 7th Fusiliers
50 Hillman, Sidney Weavers Hill 24899 Sgt 4th Royal Sussex
51 Hills, Richard Henry Elm Grove 358097 Pte RE BEF
52 Hills, Ernest Littleworth 83052 Pte 139th Lab Co.
53 Horn, Wilfred Old Place 11902 Cpl King's R Rifles
54 Horsman, Albert George Angmering Park 531972 Pte Lab. Corps
55 Horsman, Frederick William Angmering Park 241030 5th Royal Sussex
56 Horton, Thomas William The Square 654 War Hospital Bradford
57 Horton, Jack Gladman The Square 300098 7th Royal Sussex
58 Horton. James Gladman The Square 6710 13th Royal Sussex
59 Howick, Edward George Roundstone MH 0810511 ASC BEF
60 Howick, Wilfred Alick Roundstone 21965 Coldstream Guards
61 Jose, Francis Richard Ham Lodge 878993 Cpl Railway Traffic
62 Kinch, Charles Arundel Road 364183 Pte Lab. Corps
63 Lillywhite, Percy The Cottrells 2869 Pte AVC
64 Linfield, Cecil Thomas High Street 159335 Cpl ECLC
65 Linfield, Ralph Arundel Road 40294 Cpl RS
66 Locock, Leicester Pooks Hill 2nd Lieut. 17th Northumberland
67 Locock, Reginald Pooks Hill Sub-Lieut. HMS Idaho
68 Macey, Frank Woolvens Lane 905944 Dvr RFA
69 Marshall, Charles Littleworth 2nd Lieut. RE
70 Martin, James Church Road 538921 RAMC
71 Middleton, Harold William Preston Place 202277 Sig 7th RSR
72 Mills, Percy Arthur Lane End Cotages 440593 Pte Lab. Corps
73 Munro, James 8 Weavers Hill 713642 Pte 21st Lancers
74 Munro, Roderick 8 Weavers Hill 148210 Cpl ASC
75 Paine, William Henry 2 Grove Cottages 83140 Pte 139th Lab. Corps
76 Parsons, Albert Council Cottages 164849 Pte 730th Co. ASC
77 Parsons, Charles Thomas Eagle Cottages 21101 CSM 1 Gar Bn NI
78 Parsons, Edward Council Cottages 80239 Rflm 32nd Rifle Brigade
79 Parsons, Harry Council Cottages 140 Cpl Lab. Bn
80 Parsons, George New Mill 200272 Pte 1/4th Royal Sussex
81 Parsons, Thomas 7 Cottrell Cottages 204913 Pte 1/th RW Kent
82 Parsons, William Augustus Gladstone Cottages 42073 Air Mec RAF
83 Payne, Albert East End House 199327 Dvr 234 Field Co.
84 Pearson, Tom Noel The Rectory Chaplin ESR Croboro Camp
85 Pelham, Charles Weavers Hill 374140 Pte Area Emp. Co.
86 Pelham, John Myrtle Cottage 490529 Pte 434 Lab. Corps
87 Pelham, Frank High Street 266038 Pte 2/6th Royal Sussex
88 Pellen, John New Mill 59765 Pte 95th Lab. Corps
89 Pelling, Alfred John Ecclesden Farm 63647 Pte 2/4th RWS
90 Peskett, Frederick The Croft 524420 Spr 155th Field Co. RE
91 Pickard, Frederick The Cottrells Ldg Sea SZ/492 Anson Bn
92 Pocock, Arthur George Blaker Cottage 102804 Dvr E Sub Sec 50th Bty
93 Rapley, Fred Mill Cottage 110777 Pte 179th Bde RFA
94 Reeves, James Harold Weavers Hill 266037 Pte 2/6th Royal Sussex
95 Reeves, Albert George Weavers Hill 46276 Pte Lab. Corps Derby
96 Roberts, George Post Office Hill 178110 Spr 529th E Riding Field Co.
97 Roberts, William Etherington Bellvue 223013 Pte RE IEF
98 Sayers, James Littleworth Stk 1610 HMS Eaglet
99 Shepherson, Leslie William School House Lieut. 20th Durham LI
100 Shipham, Robert Henry 3 Eagle Cottages Stk RNBPortsmouth
101 Short, Frederick The Square 5454 CQ MS 1st Bn Scots Guards
102 Smart, Bert Woodford Villas 235531 Pte 9th Bn Northampton
103 Stanford, Albert Charles 2 Weavers Hill 26861 CSM Arty. Sig. Dept Fareham
104 Terry, Charles The Square 7629 Rfm 3rd Bn KRC
105 Tester, Owen Angmering Park 20120 Pte 1st RSR
106 Thair, George Smith The Rosary 329387 Dvr 580th Co. ASC
107 Thair, Percy Ash Tree Cottage 79619 Pte 133rd Lab. Corps
108 Thirwell, Dennis Meadow Bank Capt 2/5th RW Regt
109 Voller, George Rose Cottage 271140 Pte 699th MTC ASC
110 Voysey, Frederick Ben Hangleton 147496 Pte 25th Bty RGA
111 Wadey, Walter 8 The Cottrells 342339 Shpt HMS Hercules
112 Ward, George Laing F. Ascot House Pte Remount Depot Reading
113 Watts, William George Station Road 251629 Pte 28th Durham LI
114 White, Percy Water Lane 4175 Pte Royal Sussex
115 Whitfield, George Littleworth 182706 LS Prisoner of War

First uploaded: 13 January 2006