Poll of Electors 1734

Poll books were introduced in 1696 when sheriffs were first required to compile records of the poll in county elections. Franchise did not become universal for men & women until 1928. Poll Books include only a small proportion of the population.

Usually divided by parish, they list the name of each voter and the candidate(s) for whom he voted. They contain the name and place of residence of the voter and the location of the 'Freehold' which entitled the voter to his vote. At the time, a property qualification was necessary to be eligible to vote. From 1727 to 1793 only Protestants with a freehold worth at least 40 shillings per year had a vote. Between 1793 and 1829, both Protestants and Roman Catholics with 40 shillings freeholds had votes. In 1829, all 40 shillings Freeholders lost the vote.

Below is a list of Angmering freeholders who went to Chichester on 9th/10th May 1734 to cast their votes in the election of two Members of Parliament to represent Sussex. There may well have been others within Angmering with the right to vote but who did not exercise that right for one reason or another.

Those with qualifying freehold land in Angmering:

  Baker, Edward  
  Barnard, John residing in [East] Preston
  Barton, Philip (Dr.) clerk, residing in Chichester
  Barton, Richard  
  Colebrook, James (Esq.) residing in London
  Edmonds, John  
  Gratwick, William (Esq.)   
  Gurr, Richard    
  Ingram, John    
  Oliver, Thomas   residing in Leominster
  Oliver, William  
  Palmer, George    
  Penfold, Richard  
  Walmsley, Henry   clerk
  Woodham, John    

Those living in Angmering but with qualifying freehold land outside:

  Drewett, William land in Patching
  Foreman, John land in Goring
  Leer, Thomas   land in Eartham
  Peters, William land in Sompting

Last updated 12 November 2003