Fitzalan Survey (c.1405)

It would appear that somewhere between 1399 and 1415, Thomas, 5th Earl of Arundel commissioned a survey of his manors in the "Honour of Arundel". The documents are undated but the concensus of opinion is that the survey was undertaken about 1405. The Fitzalan demesnes comprised thousands of acres of farmland, huge livestock numbers, and the exploitation of waste and woodland.

The Survey provides quite a bit of information about Angmering and this is recorded below:

Manor of ANGMERYNG in the Honour of Arundel

There is a garden worth 6s 8d, also a dovecot worth 6s 8d. Also 155 acres arable, worth £7 15s 0d at 1s 0d an acre, of which 16 acres lie in Middilhegg, 17 acres in Le Sten, 28 acres in Middilforlong, 40 acres in Lyttilfelde, 10 acres in Southston, 14 acres in Eston, 18 acres at the mille, 12 acres in Le Sten. Also 4½ acres meadow, worth 9s 0d.


500 acres pasture at 3d acre £6 5s 0d
Assised rents worth £15 6s 0½d
Farm of mill(s?) £2 0s 0d
Profits of courts 10s 0d
Heath and thorns 3s 4d
Total value £24 1s 4½d

The demesne can support 3 farm-horses, 18 oxen, 1 bull, 20 cows and 1200 wethers [sheep]

Free Tenants

Elias CLYMPESFOLD 24a for fealty. 2 crofts for 5s 0d and fealty
John KENT Message & 16a for homage, fealty, suit & 1lb pepper.
Richard atte HALLE 42a for homage, fealty, suit, & pair of spurs of 6d.
Thomas MERCER ½ virgate for 1½d. 1a for 3s 0d. 6a for [blank in MS]
John COUK plot of ¼a for 6d.
John RUDLONDER Messuage & 8a for 1½d & 1 nail of cloves.
Adam SAUNBOUCHE 3 cottages for 6d.
William POLYNG 2a at Le Saghele for 1s 8d. COTERELES croft for 1s.0d. 2a at Le Greneweye for 8d.
Robert ANESTETONE Cottage & 2a for 3s 1d. Croft for 1oz pepper.
Cecilia MICHELGROVE Cottage for 1s 0d. Also Le Duncurt for £1.
Prior of Tortyngton Plot 'Brodecroftes' for 1s 8d.
William STOPEHAM 'Le Hyde' for homage, fealty suit & 8s 8d.
Roger SPONERE Tenement 'Sapiere' for homage, fealty, suit & 1s 7½d.
Nicholas CLERK  Messuage & 2¼a for homage, fealty & 7s 10d.
John MERYNGDON Messuage for 6d.
Robert FREMAN Messuage & 1a for 2s 0d.
Alice CLYMPESFOLD Croft & 1a for 4s 0d.
Nicholas BURGEYS Messuage & 2a for 6s 0d.
John CATOUR 4a for 6s 8d.
Henry HOSEE Messuage & croft for 4s 0d.
Thomas SMYTH Messuage for 1s 0d.
John GULAT Messuage for 2s 0d.
William PURIERE 2 cottages for 10s. 0d
Nicholas COUPERE Messuage & 2a for 8s 0d.
William PIERES Cottage for 6d.
Walter WARYN Cottage for 2s 0d.
William SMYTH Cottage for 6d.
Joan DORKYNG 2 cottages for 4s 0d.
Thomas atte TYE Cottage for 2s 0d.
Robert GOIOUN' Cottage & 4½a for 6s. 0d.
John PINKE Cottage & 2a for 6s 0d.
Nicholas SMYTHE Cottage & 1½a for 5s 9d.
John FARNHAM Cottage for 4s 10d.
Thomas atte GATE Cottage for 2s 6d.
Thomas GOIOUN' Messuage & 1a for 7s 0d.
John BOULMER Messuage & 2a for 9s 4d.
William atte GATE , carpenter Messuage & 9a for £1.
William atte GATE, sen. Messuage & 9a for £1. Cottage, lately COKEFELD'S, for 6s 0d.
Thomas GASKYN Messuage & 1a for 7s 0d.
Simon atte FELD Messuage & 3a for 9s 0d.
Robert CLAVELL Messuage for £2s 0d.
John atte GRENE Messuage &1a for 4s 0d.
Robert ESTETON &
16a for £1 2s 0d.
Robert atte PUTTERE Croft & ½a for 5s 0d.
John LAKER Messuage & 10a for 1s 0d.
John MOULL Messuage for 1s 0d.
John BOTELER Smithy for 5s 0d.
Alice POTTER 3½a for 7s 6d.
John MERYNGDENNE Messuage for 6d.
John SOUTHTON 3a for 2s 0d.
John MOT Messuage for ½d.
Alive atte BERGH Messuage for 4d.
John COUK 3½a, formerly WANT's land, for 6s 8d. Stonhous for 2s 0d.
John COLEMAN Messuage & 3a for 7s 0d.
Rector of Angmering Croft & ½a for 5s 0d.
John COUK 1a 'Lanakre' for 1s 6d.
Serjeant ROUSEHALE ½a for 8d.

Total: £15 6s 0½d.

Valor of the manor: £43 6s 8d.

(The foregoing extracted from SRS Vol. 67 by Neil Rogers-Davis, April 2004)

Page first published: 27 April 2004